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Overcomming IIS 6 File Upload/Download File Size Limits.


When trying to upload files over 200KB on IIS 6 the file may never upload and you either get an error or are sent to a blank screen.  By default Windows 2003 server limits file uploads to about 200KB in size.  To overcome this limit you must edit the IIS metabase.xml file.

  1. Before you can edit the metabase.xml file you must tell IIS to allow you to edit the file.  In IIS, right click the name of the server and select properties.  Check “Enable Direct Metabase Edit”.
  2. Find the metabase.xml file located in C:\windows\sytem32\inetserv and open the file in Notepad.
  3. Search for AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed and increase the value.  The default value is 204800 (200K).  Setting the value to 1000000 will allow 1 MB file uploads.
  4. You may now wish to uncheck the IIS property called “Enable Direct Metabase Edit”.

To increase the file download size limit, repeat all steps above but in Step 3 find the parameter called AspBufferingLimit.  The default download limit is 4MB.

Win2003 的IIS的MIME的媒體類型預設是都禁止,除非你設定某媒體類型,才會開放瀏覽




With IIS 6.0, Microsoft changed the way streaming media is handled. Previous versions of IIS did not require any modification to stream Flash Video. Microsoft IIS 6.0, the default web server that ships with Windows 2003, requires a MIME type to recognize that FLV files are streamed media.


1、On the Windows 2003 server, open the Internet Information Services Manager.
2、 Expand the Local Computer Server.
3、Right-click the local computer server and select Properties.
4、Select the MIME Types tab.
5、 Click New and enter the following information:
      >>Associated Extension box: .FLV
      >>MIME Type box:flv-application/octet-stream
6、Click OK.
7、Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.